About Us

Having experienced the financial crisis in 1997 and the Great Recession in 2008, people find that the lack of finance and economics knowledge costs retail investors so much in the crises. Formal education fails to prepare people for complex financial problems they will face in society, teach them how to understand the influence of economic events on individuals and their family life and how to see the world from an economic perspective. AIFE will give lectures on applied economics and the economic ways of thinking, which are typically not included in formal education.

Our Vision

To increase happiness out of the economic world.

Our Missions

To help all investors make rational decisions.

To equip the youth with a financial mindset.

Our Values

1. To help improve financial literacy for those employed in the financial circles.

2. To help make better-informed and more rational investing decisions.

3. To help adolescents and their families develop economic ways of thinking.