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To help all investors make rational decisions.
To equip the youth with a financial mindset.

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About AIFE

Having experienced the financial crisis in 1997 and the Great Recession in 2008, people find that the lack of finance and economics knowledge costs retail investors so much in the crises. Formal education fails to prepare people for complex financial problems they will face in society, teach them how to understand the influence of economic events on individuals and their family life and how to see the world from an economic perspective.

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Our Testimonials

My clients are thrilled with these programs.  Now I am popular amongst them!

I like this course very much. The course content is vibrant, the teacher’s teaching method is novel, the atmosphere is also relaxed and joyful. These lessons really are fun.

The course topic can inspire students’ interest in finance. The contents are close to real life, and it is helpful to cultivate students’ financial management mindset in life.

I love attending these programs! Now i know how to handle my pocket money!  The toolkits are great gigs.

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